Identity of the Association

Τhe Greek Planners Association (SEPOX in Greek) was founded in 1981. As a scientific body composed of members acting in various roles (academics, researchers, public officials, scholars, etc.) within the modern Greek society, SEPOX contributes substantially to the research and development of policies and actions for cities, rural areas and areas of specific characteristics, highlighting the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to spatial planning. It has a social and advisory role participating in the official bodies responsible for the formulation of spatial policies (member of the National Spatial Council, participant in various committees of the Ministry responsible for spatial planning).

Among other, the goals of the Association included:

a) Cooperation and exchange of information with national and international associations and organizations on issues of common interest.

b) Promotion of the concept of integrated spatial planning with respect to the principles of sustainable development

c) Formulation and presentation of substantiated proposals and positions on important spatial planning issues, as well as on issues concerning environmental protection and management when related to the formulation and implementation of spatial planning policies.